Manuscript Review

Another set of eyes look over your work's details.


An editor will read through your work and analyze/critique the context and structure, including: grammar, plot, spelling, characterization. You will get a detailed report on three critical aspects:


Manuscript Review Synopsis
A synopsis of your content, including its key points, style, and characters. The review includes suggestions to improve key details in the story, if any.


Mechanical Editing Analysis of a Section
A section of your manuscript will be randomly edited based on nearly 20 categories, such as, structural consistency, style coherence, spelling, grammar and syntax.


This gives you a feel how your work stands against the Chicago Manual of Style professional standards, the same benchmark used by big media sites and accomplished authors.


You also have the option to submit the entire manuscript to full mechanical editing, which is a separate service, to guarantee a 100% error-free finished work.


Substantive Analysis
You will also get an analysis on the following elements of your story:


    • Plot
    • Setting
    • Characters
    • Sequence
    • Resolution
    • Exposition
    • Dialogues
    • Character actions
    • Details

Finally, you will have a summary of the key points that require your attention, the better you can fine tune your material.


This service lets you see the big picture of your manuscript, so you see its strengths and weaknesses.