Cut cost by as much as 80%.


You want a perfect, error-free book to reflect your integrity as an author. That is why hiring a team of editors, copy editors, and proofreaders is important. Easily, the cost can be as high as $3,000.


You get to tap our editorial professionals, who specialize in the Chicago Manual of Style, the same editorial reference used by big media companies, such as, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The New Yorker.


What you get

Editing is more than just proofreading. Your manuscript will be reviewed on nearly 20 categories, including:

    • Structural
    • Consistency
    • Style coherence
    • Spelling
    • Syntax
    • Colons

Punctuation errors:

    • Commas
    • Semicolons
    • Hyphenations
    • Apostrophes
    • Quotation mark
    • En dashes and em dashes


    • Subject and verb
    • Verb tense
    • Plural and singular
    • Run-on sentences
    • Incomplete sentences
    • Word choice
    • Offensive words

What are not included:

    • Content substance enhancement
    • Adding, subtracting sections
    • Rearranging content flow
    • Changing writer’s style
    • Fact checking
    • Plot analysis or changes
    • Substantive Editing

We can also accommodate requirements for major revisions, style suggestions, or organizing your manuscript to further enhance your manuscript.


You will work closely with an editor, who will provide a deeper analysis of your work. He may rephrase awkward sentences, suggest chapter arrangements, add more content or delete parts for clarity and more precise content.


He may also point out possible issues, contradictions, and inconsistencies of your work. This editor is your partner to guarantee your manuscript becomes the best book it can be.


Our proposition: we can bring that cost down by as much as 80% per manuscript.