Data Capture

Our solutions are tapped by myriads industries.



If you need your information to work across a wide array of platforms, formats, systems, and devices, we can help.


What you are getting:


    • Documents Entry – convert your hardcopy manuscripts into digital data
    • Data Entry and Verification – your digital copy is proofed to guarantee 100% accuracy
    • Document Scanning/Editing – uses scanning technologies, such as, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Mark Character Recognition (MCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Bar Code Recognition (BCR)
    • Indexation of datasets – uses standard archiving and library referencing to organize your data for easy sorting
    • Data extraction
    • Data format conversion – create “live text” that is compatible with or convertible to various electronic formats for a wide range of digital distribution platforms.
    • Data entry into special software application
    • Forms processing – convert your data into structured forms, semi-structured forms, or non-structured forms


Our data capture solutions are tapped by myriads industries, such as: healthcare, legal, education, finance, insurance, airlines, manufacturing, and enterprise.